About Us
We are here to help you create unforgettable memories.

Rimaas Tours is a Transportation Travel and Tourism company with strong values and a desire to provide great services. Since its establishment in early 2008, the company has gained a reputation for its personal and friendly attention to meeting the customer’s requests with excellence, and its high quality of service.

The history and tradition of the company are built upon long-term relationships with its customers in Israel and abroad. The company was founded and is owned by the Sbitan Family, and managed by Mrs. Niveen Tamimi.

We are passionate for you to have the full Israeli experience. With us you won’t miss out on viewing its unique landscapes, dipping in natural pools and beautiful waterfalls or hiking through the intricately carved canyons of the Negev desert. We take our customers as far south as the Red Sea in Eilat to the rolling green hills of the Galilee. The places, people, sounds and smells of modern Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean and holy sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

Our unparalleled combination of advanced technology, local experts who are multi-lingual, intricate operational capacity, and experience form the underpinnings of quality service. Our drivers and licensed tour guides uphold the highest forms of professionalism and customer service mixed with a flare of local hospitality.

Offered Packages
Rimaas Tours specializes in the organization and operation of domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism. The company is well equipped to meet all the demands of customers in Israel and abroad. Located in Jerusalem, we have a team of highly skilled expert,s who provide the clients with quality transportation, travel, and tourism services garnished with a personal and professional approach.
Incoming services
Rimaas Tours specializes in organizing tours in Israel for groups of tourists from abroad, with special emphasis on tourism, culture, pilgrimage, study tours, conferences and incentive trips. Especially for the purpose of providing the service at the highest level, taking into consideration the customer's budget.
Outgoing services
Rimaas Tours offers a wide range of customized tourism services, specializing in corporate tourism. We provide the full package by booking airline tickets, hotel accommodations, provide assistance in applying for visas and other services for complete travel destination experience. If looking for coporate destination or incentive trips for groups, conferences or holidays to Europe, we are the place.
Bus and Minibus Transportation Services in Israel
Rimaas Tours Minibus Transportation service is the best option for small groups needing private transportation or touring services in Israel. Our 10 minibus rentals are provided with a fully licensed driver. We can provide airport transfers to and from your hotel to the airport to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, full-day tours, multi-day trips or full touring services. Our minibusses are available 7-days a week and can provide last-minute services.
Why rimaas tours
Why should you book your transportation and vacation with us?
Customer Service
We invest in our customers and provide 24/7 customer service.
Dream Deals
Our travel agents are trained to find the dream vacation for you with the best deals available.
The Right Options
We offer a wide range of affordable packages throughout the year. We also offer special packages including sports games, concerts and concerts.
Easy Transportation
Offering all our travel & tourism services including our comfortable transportation to make your journey the most comfortable and enjoyable one.